Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How to Download Whatsapp For PC/Laptop Windows 8/7 For Free

Posted by Supraja Narmeta

Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop Windows 8/7 for Free:-

                  Nowadays a lot of users for whatsapp. We all kown that whatsapp is for chating purpose. Where we can go we can use whatsapp. Whatsapp can also use in laptop and android phones. We can also download whatsapp. Here is a tutorial for that. Now i am going tell how to download whatsapp pc/laptop or android and you can also download in iphones /ipad devices.


Nowadays a lot of users going crazy all over the world. Follow the steps to download for pc/laptop. There are many different methods available to install whatsapp on pc and be careful in this process. You may see many steps in this, but you will go every steps very easily.

 The Excellent Futures for Whatsapp:- 

 1)Whatsapp is for chating purpose. We can send a number of messages without any cost.
2)In whatsapp we can send photos.
3)You can share videos also.
4)You can also send any Mutlimedia file to your friend.
5)In whatsapp we have fast camera click on the access button for capturing photo's and sending photos to the friends.
6)You can also share many slow motion videos in whatsapp.
7)You can also recover the deleted messages in whatsapp.
8)You can share else things to the friends in whatsapp.
These are the  important future for whatsapp. Let's start now how to download whatsapp for pc/laptop.

How To Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop for Free:-

STEP 1:-First of all we have to download bluestack app. Bluestack is an android platform and it is also used to run android apps on windows. It is basically known as android emulators. Any windows operating system can also download this app for free using bluestack. Bluestack app is also download for pc.
                      Bluestack has its offical website from their you can download the bluestack app for free without any difficult. It is a software which is available for free. So, download bluestack with the link given below.
STEP2:-After completing this download, Now you have to start bluestack app.
STEP3:-You have to search for whatsapp in bluestack search box.
STEP4:-Now you have to click on the install.
STEP5:-You have successfully downloaded whatsapp on your pc/laptop. But your verification is not completed.
STEP6:-You have to go to the home page of bluestack and click on whatsapp.
STEP7:-Now enter your phone number and click on verify.
STEP8:-Then the verification code and that's it you verification is completed for whatsapp.
    I have explained  successfully about how to download whatsapp for pc/laptop(for free).

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