Wednesday, 1 April 2015

How to Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop without Bluestack.

Posted by Supraja Narmeta

Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop without Bluestack (for free)

 Nowadays a lot of users going crazy all over the world. Whatsapp for chatting purpose,video call. We can send number of messages without any cost. Whatsapp can use in operating system like laptop, pc, computers. We can  send any multimedia file to your friend. We can also send photos which you are captured from fast camera and we can send slow-motion videos in whatsapp. This app is free to download and it takes short time to install in your pc.
In this tutorial, i am going to tell how to download whatsapp for pc/laptop without bluestacks. We can download whatsapp for pc in two ways. One way is bluestack which may occur graphic card error. And another one is youwave. Youwave is a genuine software to download other android apps for free. Now you have to download youwave with the link given below.

After finishing the download youwave, install it. It takes 2-3 minutes to install. While installing you won't get else errors. If you install properly, you will get a start up page. Now you have to install whatsapp.
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Steps to Install Whatsapp Using Youwave:

There are few steps to follow.

  • Now you have to open youwave and go to view option which is in top left corner.
  • In that click on online content like below image. 

  •  There you can see whatsapp, click on that option to install. 
  •  It takes some time to install,but you have to know how to open installed whatsapp in your youwave software.
  • Come back to the youwave and start up home screen. There you will find menu at the top of right corner. You have to click on menu it will open.In that list whatsapp will be appear click on that.
  •  After clicking on whatsapp, it will ask your phone number and country code.
  •  You have to enter the phone number and code. You will get a verification code you have to enter there. If you don't get it, try to "cal me" feature.
 You use that feature, you will get a call from Whatsapp customer care, it tells about your country code number  listen to it carefully and enter it here. If you any  confusion see the image is given below. 
 After your verification is completed. Your account is created and you can use your whatsapp in pc/laptop/computer. This is the best and very easy way to do it.


I have declared how to download whatsapp for pc/laptop without bluestack app. If you have any problem feel free to ask any doubts. Don't forget to share this article. 


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