Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to Remove the Passcode from your iphone /ipad.

Posted by Supraja Narmeta

To Remove the Password from iphone:

      If your are present there is no problem but if you are absent there is a problem because some times your relative (or) your friends etc. They want to open your iphone lock. If your relatives or friends try to lock your smartphone by entering Wrong Password many times, it will be unlock (or) Have you set an iphone (or) ipad password that is too strong to be remembered. This ipad and iphones supports only the best app like showbox iphone and other highly designed apps. 
Then the first thing you have to do probably is to remove it from the device. Don't worry, i am here to teach a tutorial on "How to Remove Password from iphone ". There two methods, one is iFunbox and other one is Jailbreak Tweak. 
If your phone is unlock it you should connect your i phone to the Computer and you should open iFunbox to unlock. And another method is, We have a jailbreak Tweak and you should open Cydia. The first method is to resist the iphone password with iFunbox. Before going to iFunbox. What is meant by iFunbox ?. We should known about iFunbox. 

What is Meant by iFunbox ?

iFunbox is a handy and powerful iphone explorer software, it will gives you the power to freely access iphone (or) ipad file systems. That is the reason you can use iFunbox to remove the pass code from an i phone or i pad (jail breaking). So below are the steps to remove pass word from i phone (or) i pad.

Steps to Remove Pass code from your i Phone (or) i Pad with iFunbox:

1) First of all you have to connect your Smart phone to the Computer and iFunbox, Which is made to manage files on your Smart i phone/ i pad just like windows explorer on your PC.
2) Find and expand Raw file system. Go into that and delete the "Key chain - 2.db" folder.
3) Restart your i phone or i pad to see if the Pass word persists.
4) That's it !!!! You have done, to remove the Pass word from your smartphone.
The second method is to Remove the i phone Password with Jailbreak Tweak. We have a jailbreak tweak known as No Pass code Block. Its available under the cydia tweak store that disables the wrong password limit off your Apple i phone.

Steps to Resist the Password:

First of all jailbreak your i phone. If already you have jailbreaked then you continue the steps.
1) Click on Cydia app on your i phone and search for the "No Passcode Block".
2) Install it on your i phone for free this app is available under the Big Boss Respiratory. 
3) It will action automatically. No need of setting any thing in the app.
4) You can check by going to lock screen of your smart phone and enter their wrong pass code many times.
5) Now you enter the correct password on the lock screen, it will open and it will not unlock.
6) That's it !!! You have done it. 


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  2. So,I have an Ipod and I have forgotten its password.Can I remove that password through iFunbox way ?

    1. Yaa you can remove by this process Berke.

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