Saturday, 11 April 2015

How to Unroot your Android Devices.

Posted by Supraja Narmeta

Unroot your Android (or) Smartphone Devices:

   When you root your phone, Customizing your phone becomes easier. Many people are using android (or) smartphone in this generation.


While it can be irritating when you can't get Updates on your smartphone because it is rooted. You want to Unroot your phone, don't worry about that i am here to teach a tutorial on "How to Unroot your Android Devices.

Steps to Unroot your Android:

  Follow the simple steps and Unroot your smartphone. We are Un rooting the devices with the help of  "Play Store".
1) First of all you have to open Play Store and click on that icon on your smartphone.


2) Now you have to search for "Ota root keeper" and you must see it in the search results. Click on it to open the installation screen.
3) Click on the install  button in the top right corner to install the  application on your smartphone.
4) Open the application by clicking "open" in the installation screen.

5) Now, click "Temp.Unroot ( keeps backup )". Now your phone is temporarily unrooted. If you like to make it permanent. Click on " Delete Su backup " button.


6)That's it !!!! You have completed successfully without any trouble. Now you happy to use your phone and enjoy.  


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