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How to Block Phone Numbers (Calls) and Messages in Android.

Posted by Supraja Narmeta

How to Block calls in Android:

Android or Smartphones are day by day becoming popular. Smartphones are using by the number of peoples to have the communication of call or videos or texts etc. But some people are using the mobiles in a popper way. The most of the people are misusing the phones. If you are suffering from unwanted calls or messages from unknown persons. Then you want to block that number. Some mobiles have that option but in android it is not available. There are many apps to block the calls and messages. Don't worry about that, i am here to explain a tutorial on " How to Block the Calls and Messages in Android Smartphone ".

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam - Android Apps on Google

To stop unneccessary call on Android phones they need call blocker. By using these top best apps we can block calls, messages, sms etc.
Call Control:
Call Control is an app to block the calls of android. Call Control is completely call blocker which is easy to call block or texts. Calls control is prevents from all the unwanted calls. To block the call this is the easy method to follow.
How to block unwanted calls & text messages on Android

  • If you want to download Call Control click here the link is given below.
  • Download for Free.
How To Block Phone Calls and Text Messages On Your .

  • After installation you can blocks spam callers-text, sms, pictures etc.
  • You can also keep the number in Blacklist.
  • The call control is very simple to follow.

Call Blocker:

Call Blocker is an top most app to block the calls in android smartphones. In this app you can review all your blocking history at anytime without missing any message or calls.
Call Blocker - Blacklist App - Android Apps on Google Play

  • This call blocker is prevent from all useless calls. Now you want to download call blocker. Click here the link is given below. 

Block calls and block or filter messages on your iPhone

  • After installing you can block useless calls.
  • You can protect sms, calls.


I hope that you success to block incoming calls in android phones. Don't forget to share the post with your friends.
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