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8 Free Music Download Apps for Android-Best Choice


We’re now in the age of streaming media consumption, with music downloads thanks to Spotify and it’s beginning to feel similar to DVDs with the advent of Netflix. There’s an euphoriac feeling having your music available on your phone without worrying about the dangers of poor Internet connections or keeping you entertained during long flights. It’s likely that you’d like the music download application to the Android phone to download music onto your phone.

Here are our top music download applications for Android that don’t cost any money.

1. YMusic

One of the most sophisticated and professional-looking music downloader applications, YMusic lets you play any YouTube video as an audio file, permitting it to run in the background of your phone.The most important thing is that you can download YouTube videos as audio files. It is possible to download them in M4A as well as MP3 formats and also has an amazing library interface that allows you to organize your files like you do in the music player application. From all the choices that we have listed, YMusic is hands-down the most user-friendly (although you must download it outside of it through the Play Store) in addition to being the also the most reliable. Because of that, it’s the best choice.

2. GTunes Music Downloader

An oldie but a goodie … like Tom Waits. GTunes is a search engine that searches through many large sites of music that are available for download to meet your search – it will provide millions of songs and artists across all generations. The search features are basic, and are ideal only if you know the exact songs you’re looking to download and you’re looking to get out and download the songs.

It is worth noting that when we tried the app for all four of the search engines the only one “C” retrieved results, so you should try it prior to complaining about how the entire process isn’t working! GTunes comes with an in-built player it also lets users trim the tunes of your playlist and make them Ringtones. It’s pretty basic but it’s an excellent little program.

3. Audiomack

If you’d like to be sure that the music you download will not infringe on any copyright rights and you are willing to check out the new talent emerging from the Hip-Hop Electronic as well as Reggae areas, you should you should give Audiomack the chance.

The app provides an opportunity to artists who do not have official distribution channels, while having a filtering mechanism that ensures the content available is of high-quality. The app’s goodwill has already helped propel hip-hop superstars like T-Wayne Fetty Wap as well as Migos to record deals with record labels and offers you the chance to find the next big name.

4. NewPipe

Although NewPipe is still something of a work-in-progress but it definitely does its job of downloading music. It’s open-source and continually being updated. It now supports SoundCloud, MediaCCC, Bandcamp and FramaTube downloads, as well.

It defaults to appears as an YouTube frontend. Select the video you wish to download, select the download icon on the top of the screen and select whether you would like it to be downloaded in audio or video format and in what format you’d like to save it to be in.

To switch over to SoundCloud Tap the menu icon located in the top left corner followed by the large red “NewPipe” icon at the top and choose SoundCloud (beta).

5. Fildo

There are two version of the Fildo application – one of which is called the “Music Player” on the Play Store, but this will not give you the MP3 downloader that you’re searching for. For that version of Fildo which allows you to download music for free it is necessary to download the APK via the official Fildo website.

After this, you can use the within-app search function to locate particular songs or albums that you’re looking for. It is also possible to utilize the numerous “Top” charts from various music websites which the app can integrate with to look up the latest hits.

When you have found the album or track you are looking for, tap”+” or the “+” icon at the top-right corner. select the appropriate option to to download it, make playlists or listen to it immediately.

6. TubeMate

Sometimes , the most effective applications for no-cost music downloads happen to be the ones that weren’t specifically designed for this function. TubeMate is an application which allows you to save YouTube videos and music in a variety different formats. This includes only audio. You’ve probably heard that YouTube is among the best sites to stream your favorite music. And thanks to TubeMate it’s one of the most reliable sites to download music, as well.

It is possible to install TubeMate from here (Google isn’t allowing this on the Play Store likely because it interferes with YouTube) Also, when you attempt to download video in audio format (M4A or MP3) You’ll be prompted for downloading MP3 Video Converter that is synced with TubeMate in order to convert audio files into video.

7. 4Shared

The well-known file sharing site 4Shared has been doing the rounds on PCs for a long time, and has been a massive popularity on Android too. This isn’t a program intended for just music. Users can upload any file they like to it, and it’s equally efficient in finding music files like any other. (There’s even the option to search to find music-related files.)

4Shared is available to download through the Play Store however it’s not available everywhere. If you’re unable to get it through the Play Store in your region then you can download the APK for free here.

8. Singily

The Play Store description of this app is unclear, suggesting that you have to be a member of member in order to use this application. Don’t be deceived by that. SONGily’s free version SONGily is ad-supported, and gives access to an extensive library of music, both old and old, by artists as well as obscure ones including chart music and sea shanties. (It’s true that I’ve found songs of Assassin’s Creed IV here.) When you locate a song there are options to download and play the songs you’ve listened to The company recently added an option to download videos too.

This is precisely the type of app I could imagine Google not really liking Don’t be shocked if it is removed out of on the Play Store and you find yourself needing to download manually.